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Diba Coya Candles are meant for prayer intentions. Each candle has been blessed by a spiritualist and is infused with specific essential oils geared towards accelerating a specific intention to the universe. When lighting the candle it is important to indicates one's intention and focus, as the candle is a symbol of your prayer intention.

Intentions drive what we bring into our lives. They are the driving force behind the law of attraction and how we perceive our daily lives. Your prayer intentions are the key to manifesting the desires of your heart.

Candles symbolize light in the darkness of our lives. Therefore when you couple candles with prayer intent, you illuminate your desires to the universe creating a peaceful reflective atmosphere where darkness can not exist.

When Diba Coya candles are used with respect and great faith, they open up a universe of countless possibilities. Ground your energy, illuminate your space and focus on your prayer intentions to shape your future reality.


Love, Light & Success


Diba Coya